• You may have heard about our walk from Coniston to Barrow to raise money for the Hearing Dog's Charity. Here Andrew reflects on how the day went...

    The weather could not have been better for a long walk in the Lake District. We registered at 8.30am at Coniston and joined the growing que to start. 1,600 eager walkers waiting for the 9am start. By this time, some of the K2B people were coming through half- way 21miles into their 42-mile run/walk.

    We set off on the west side of Coniston Water heading for our first checkpoint at Lowick. Our pace was good, everyone was in great spirits and the banter was good too! Residents were offering homemade cakes and drinks to all the lovely people passing.

    A quick stop at the Crown Inn in Lowick for a toilet break and some food and drink then off again towards the next checkpoint where we were met by two lovely Gentlemen in drag offering sweets. They were great fun and lifted our spirits for the next stage: the climb up to Marton village.

    The next stage was a hard slog and we were all feeling the stress on our feet and legs. Never been to Marton before but we were all so happy to get there meeting Mr Hewitt in our support vehicle, some of us were desperate to change our shoes and socks!

    Tired by now we soldiered on towards our next checkpoint at Dalton, What a turn out by the locals offering us much needed encouragement, drinks and a whole array of snacks and Steve even managed to get a shot of Whisky! There was a real festive atmosphere.

    From Dalton, we headed off on our final stage to Barrow-in-Furness. This part was really tough and the straight road made it look like miles and miles. We will never forget the last 1-mile marker and wondering after about 20 minutes where the finishing line was! Finally, after 6 hours and 24 minutes we crossed the line together.

    What a fantastic day raising money for a great cause, seen some of the most dramatic and changing scenery from the Mountains to the sea and encouraged all the way by people lining the streets and the banter we had with the other competitors, truly a day to remember. We already have a team for next year of team members who missed out this time.

    A big thank you to all those who gave money and supported us for the Hearing Dog’s charity!

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