• The Regent Hotel has been run by our family for 35 years now, and we are so proud to live and work in the Lake District. We recognise how special and unique the Lake District is – there’s no doubt it’s a national treasure, but we (as well as many others) believe it’s a GLOBAL treasure. This is why we’re proud to support the World Heritage Bid, to give the Lakes the worldwide recognition it deserves.

    The bid will take place in 2017 and if the Lake District is successful in achieving World Heritage Site status, it will be stand shoulder-to-shoulder among the global greats, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Taj Mahal and the Tower of London, to name but a few.

    But it’s not all about the kudos, achieving this status will also bring a multitude of benefits to the area. Including:

    • Our vital farming community will enjoy increased recognition of the cultural role of farming and its integral role with the landscape.
    • Our government has pledged to provide resources to protect its World Heritage Sites. Having this status could attract more funding and investment into the Lake District.
    • The profile of the Lake District will be elevated internationally. Even more than it is right now.
    • We develop as an international brand on the 'A-list' of places to visit.
    • The sense of achievement would go sky-high. We’ll be bursting with pride.

    If that’s not enough to convince you to back the bid – we’re not sure what is! To find out more, visit the Lake District World Heritage bid website here.

    So what do you think about the bid? Will you be backing it? If we achieve World Heritage Site status, will it affect you? We’d love to know your thoughts!


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