Ambleside Sports is coming up at the end of this month so we thought we’d give you a little run down on where it comes from…

The origin of the sports day date back as far as the 17th century, where events were held at Low Wood Bay. They included many unethical and extreme sports such as cock fighting and bare fist boxing.

The era of organized sports began around 1887 when it became clear this was such a good event, it had to happen yearly. During the war periods, the sports events lapsed until after the Second World War. It was then that sports became how they are today.

Ambleside Sports today:

  •  Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling

Believed to have been invented by the Vikings over 1000 years ago. Traditional costume is worn!

  • Guides and Fell races

Perfect for the super-fit, competitors take part in grueling races across the fells.

  • Hound Trails

Places your bets on one of the most traditional Lakeland sports.

  • Foot and Cycle races

90-1600 metres on foot, plus an extensive selection of intense cycling races.

  • Children’s Races

And of course, where would we be without the classics.


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