Love to find out some delicious chef secrets? Look no further! Our wonderful Chef Neil has reveals how to make one of our fave dishes. 

Serves 4

1kg trimmed & grilled asparagus
3 egg yolks
200g melted butter
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tsp white wine vinegar

Put a pan of water on to boil & place a heat-proof glass bowl that will fit snugly, into the pan so that it is not touching the water.

Add the egg yolks and the white wine vinegar to the bowl & whisk until light in colour, slowly add the melted butter, stirring all the time, until it thickens.

Once thick and creamy, stir in the lemon juice (or for a little twist, you can add Blood Orange juice for extra flavour and colour).

Top the grilled asparagus with the hollandaise sauce & serve immediately – a perfect summer lunch!


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