My name is Alex and I’m from Bucharest, Romania, I work in reservations. Everybody says that I’m always the jolly one on the front desk.

What brought you to the UK and how did you land in Ambleside?

My plan with the UK was to live in a nice country for a little while and to have a stepping stone to New Zealand. Where else if not the main English-speaking country in Europe? I always wanted to live in the countryside, but I knew nothing about the Lake District when I moved to England. I came for a weekend two years ago and simply loved it so decided to move to the area.

You’ve been with us for 2 ½ years, quite a long time. What keeps you here?

People say that once you lived in the Lakes you can move somewhere else, but part of your heart will always be here. At the moment I’m really enjoying myself here as it’s a perfect area for outdoors and I always like to be out there, be it on the fells, glens or lakes. And to put it frankly, for hospitality it is already a long time, without a great team you can’t get it this far.

Where do you live?

I have live-in accommodation. It’s a good thing that the hotels in the area usually provide the staff with a room to stay.

Has “Brexit” affected you?

It hasn’t in any way and I don’t think will affect anyone that has a job and wants to be part of the society. Also, in the 21st century when more and more cooperation treaties are signed between various countries I can’t see why some people are scared by it.

What is the best thing about living in the heart of the Lake District?

The scenery is great, there’s a strong sense of community and you can really be part of it as there are a lot of activities going on.

How easy is getting home to Romania?

It’s not bad at all, of course it can’t be compared with being in London and having 5 airports all around, but there are 3 airports with lots of flights at about 2-3 hours away from Ambleside, driving or by railway, and from there you can fly wherever you want to.

Would you recommend Ambleside and The Regent Hotel to others?

That’s for sure, to be part of a great team is something that anyone would like and with such great surroundings it’s hard not to.


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